Compact Units

Cylindrical Grit Separator Compact Unit WS

The Cylindrical Grit Separator Compact Unit WS provides the complete mechanical pre-treatment, screenings removal and treatment as well as the extraction of grit and grease all-in-one. All this saves up to 50% of space compared to conventional compact systems and with the same sand separation performance plus a much better operational accessibility. It is extremely low-maintenance with low wear and tear due to the applied Flat-Fine Screen with integrated screenings wash press and the efficient grease and floating materials extraction technology. Our grit trap – Compact uUnit WS also differs from other compact plant designs available on the market by lower inlet flow heights and a lower necessary air injection depth into the grit trap, which means system-related less energy consumption. Our all-rounder is available for pumped wastewater inflows at ground level set-up or also following the gravity pipeline for installation in a pit on site.

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Compact Unit GriKo

The Compact Unit GriKo is our small solution for the separation of screenings and grit, which provides a great and reliable overall performance. It is used in small sewage treatment plants with an inflow rate of up to 10 l/s (36 m³/h) inflow rate and is a simple and proven combination of a Flat-Fine Screen and an unventilated grit trap.

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