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Grimmel Wassertechnik is committed to preventive environmental protection and the responsible use of natural recourses. We want to use raw materials, energy and water as efficiently as possible and actively minimize the environmental impact along the entire life cycle of our products – from manufacture throughout operation to disposal. As part of a comprehensive approach, we also want to actively integrate the upstream and downstream value creation processes into our environmental protection activities. We pay close attention to environmental sustainability along the entire value-added chain. We want to make the usage of energy continuously more efficient and constantly increase the share of renewable sources of energy.

Our objective is to increase the share of renewable energies by up to 65% by the year 2030. For Grimmel, the efficient use of natural resources is the basis for an environmentally sustainable design of the production processes. We are permanently trying to replace the remaining hazardous and/or environmentally harmful substances.

Wherever possible we want to avoid waste and use recycled materials. We want to achieve that hazardous substances are not being released into the environment, for example by using biodegradable hydraulic oil. Any contamination has to be avoided in the first place in our daily work.

What we are doing


As part of our general modernization activities, our vehicle fleet was expanded to include electric cars.


For our customers we provide the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles directly at the visitor parking lot. You are welcome to use this possibility the next time you visit us!


We always use recycled paper or FSC-certified paper, for example for our brochures, business cards, wall calendars, copying and printer paper. It is also our objective to reduce the amount of paper we use. 


We try to have our advertising materials produced sustainably. We started with pens made of bio-based plastic and pencils manufactured by climate-friendly wood production in a climate-neutral company.


For every machine sold, we plant a tree.

Our country / region should remain worth living in even for future generations, therefore we plant a tree for every machine sold. So we organize tree-planting campaigns on a regular basis. Although climate change is a global phenomenon, it is still important to us sending out a small message locally.


We provide our employees with fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy and sensible diet, if possible from regional production in organic quality. Once a week our fruit and vegetable baskets are refilled and are available to everyone.


By correct waste separation and waste reduction the environment can be preserved. As it is common practice in Germany, we separate paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and organic waste for biological degradation.


Wherever possible, we use environmentally sustainable operating materials in our machines. For all hydraulic oils in our fine screens biodegradable oils are used. Paint coatings are applied always with the minimum amount of solvents.


Organically grown coffee and fair prices for the coffee farmers. In this way we protect the environment and make sure the small-scale farmers are treated with respect.